Captain’s log 25022018 – The AFCAT story. Episode 4.

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My shoes were black. The dress code was a white T-shirt, white shorts or tracksuit and sports shoe or P.T shoes, preferably in white. The only pair of sports shoes I own is majorly black and this was bugging me since day one. Of course, the instructions also asked for neatly trimmed hair and formal attire for screening day and yet people in jeans and leather jackets, with handlebar moustaches were screened in. So maybe dress codes don’t matter too much? Tell that to the voices in my head.


Rant#11 – Intelligent , Funny, and Perverted.

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We recently added Jackbox Games to our game nights and it’s so inappropriately hilarious. It’s essentially a collection of mini games most of which rely on your ability to be funny and inappropriate as quick as you can. You need plenty of wits, a flexible funny bone and a bit of black in your grey matter and I took to this game like fish to water. Surprisingly enough most members of the game-night party has too. Intelligence, Humor and a filthy mind seem to often appear together, going hand in hand, each reinforcing one another and this is my story of how it came to be.


GATE 101 – You shall not pass.

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~Tidbit one : G.A.T.E stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering that more than 800,000 Indian engineering graduates undertake yearly out of which barely fifteen percent make the cut. Brings back fond memories from four years ago when you frantically tried to clear the JEE, Joint Entrance Exam, and pathetically failed while your annoying cousin easily got through.~


Trains 101 – Are we there yet?

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You are not spontaneous. Unplanned trips unnerve you. Especially when you neither speak the language nor like the cuisine. But it’s the final semester of college and your life is nowhere near as together as you hoped it’d be and in a fit of misguided optimism and peer pressure you decide to take chances and try something new. Any hopes of cancelling the plan at the last minute goes out the window once the unnecessarily expensive tickets are booked and ofcourse it has to be the first train of the day.