Whisper confession collage body positivity gone too far

Rant#20 – I’d like to weigh in on this…

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Don’t tell people, “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful.” Fat isn’t the opposite of beautiful, it’s the opposite of healthy. Fat here means large deposits of fatty tissue over and between muscles and along the walls of blood vessels, you know? the thing it was supposed to mean. Not people who wish their waistline was just an inch smaller.


Captain’s log 24062018 – Incredibly woke.

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I realise I am quite late to the party but when the movie takes 13 years to show up, I can take a couple of days too. Also, spoiler alert because holding back isn’t really my thing. Also, I’m going to be saying ‘woke’ a lot. You’ll see.


Rant#10 – The Equality bandwagon

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The thought came as I was sitting in an exam hall, for an exam that would decide if I make it into one of the many esteemed engineering institutions in India for post graduation. In that exam hall, there were thirty of us, and out of that thirty, three were women.


So this was something cool..

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Well I have read many feminist arguments and most of them have felt a bit hypocritical, always. But this one paragraph really shook me up. This is the actual issue. That underlying sense of superiority that’s been instilled in the minds of men from birth. This is going to continue even if the world heeds to all the superficial requests of these self proclaimed feminists that sprout out of every corner. Yes, unequal pay, discrimination based on looks, objectification are all horrible and so bad, but these are the effects, not the cause. This is not what we should be voicing out to eradicate. The root is different. “Don’t throw like a girl”, “You need to be strong, you are a man!”, “Quit crying like a girl” – it is these stereotypes that need to be lifted.