War Without Reason | Chapter VII

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Mud River – Camp Frost

“Bad dreams again?” Saint asked, standing over Ren.

“Whaa?” he replied sleepily.

The three – Renner, Saint and John – were given the watch again. They were taking turns sleeping, while the other two kept watch. Renner’s turn was just cut short abruptly.

“You were screaming, one of the wolf ones again?” Saint asked in a concerned voice. (more…)

Rant #13 – Why is Beautiful?

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The dumbest, yet funniest joke of Infinity war was Drax very proudly having the last word in the argument – “I’ll do you one better. Why is Gamora?” He did give me an interesting thought though. Ofttimes answering what, when, where and who is very easy, for they are objective and usually end the conversation but ‘why’ is special. The answers it brings out are truly unique and can carry the conversation into places you never knew it belonged to. Like Drax’s ‘why’ leading to this very rant. Who knows where this’ll end up in? Not me. Not right now.


Captain’s log 25022018 – The AFCAT story. Episode 5.

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I was on the phone with my mom early in the morning, as soon as the shop opened up. “I mostly might not make it”, I told her,”if I call home again by today evening, it’s over. Hopefully, I stay another day.” We had the remaining group tasks and the conference that day. If I make it in, I would have a whole lot of documents to fill out and an extra day to stay in for the pilot tests. If not, it’s goodbye.


Captain’s log 25022018 – The AFCAT story. Episode 4.

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My shoes were black. The dress code was a white T-shirt, white shorts or tracksuit and sports shoe or P.T shoes, preferably in white. The only pair of sports shoes I own is majorly black and this was bugging me since day one. Of course, the instructions also asked for neatly trimmed hair and formal attire for screening day and yet people in jeans and leather jackets, with handlebar moustaches were screened in. So maybe dress codes don’t matter too much? Tell that to the voices in my head.


Captain’s log 25022018 – The AFCAT story. Episode 2.

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Day one had us on our feet throughout and ended with all of us huddled around the common notice board. Besides the long list of ‘Places to visit in Mysore’ which held detailed accounts of all the famous tourist spots with their distances from the AFSB and means of transport to get there, the notice board also had all the contact numbers we would need there, rules that had to be followed which included things like “steps to ask for the ironing box”, phone and internet booth timings, food timings and a detailed schedule of the forthcoming days. The first two days were set for personal interviews for groups A, B and C while D and E would be having their ‘Group Tasks’. Then we would switch on the next two days. My personal interview was scheduled for 10 AM the next day. And I can’t talk to people. It would be kind if only they let me text the interviewer.


Captain’s log 25022018 – The AFCAT story. Episode 1.

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This week began with me taking the Air Force Common Admission Test for the second time. “What happened the first time”, you ask ? Well, I didn’t make it in of course, why else would I be taking it a second time? I did barely make the cut, exam wise. What followed was a six day long selection process which turned out to be rather cut throat.

Also, this story is going to be unapologetically in-depth.