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Captain’s Log 13082016 – Not a near death experience 

It’s 3am and I’m in a broken bus on a bridge.

All my followers may relax (yes all five of you), Fessonia is perfectly fine. Our bus is relatively intact, as opposed to the truck we hit. I could get out and take a photo but whipping out a smartphone and shooting a photo the moment anything happens felt too much of a ‘teen’ thing to do, so instead I chose to whip out my smartphone and update my blog (#WhoDaRealManNow).

It almost feels a bit insensitive of me to sit here and do nothing, but then again, I made sure the people I’m with are fine, nobody lost their shoes and I did walk up to the front and assess the situation. (Situation assessment : Lots of broken glass, no visible signs of bloodshed, there appears to have been an accident of some sort.I’m absolutely worthless.) There are already too many people outside, and the police and an ambulance. Let’s let them do their jobs.

So here’s the scene – The weekend put together with our Independence Day on Monday gave us 3 days of absolution from college and as always, we took off as soon as possible. Oh by the way, ‘we’ includes three friends of mine, all female, all who usually prefer and travel only by train because apparently it’s safer (they might have a point given, well, all of this) and me, a bus-travelling veteran. According to the driver of our bus, he was being a responsible driver who was driving responsibly (at somewhere north of 80kmph maybe, I might be completely off given that I was sleeping, but it was definitely ‘fast’) up a bridge on an intercity highway. He notices a truck on the oncoming lane, in its attempt to overtake whatever was in front of it. Him, being the responsible driver that he is, constantly flashes his lights to signal the truck driver to revert his path who doesn’t notice given his preoccupation with the task at hand. We were on a narrow bridge with just two lanes, so there’s no chance of a cool last minute swerve move. Both the drivers realize that there’s a second pedal next to gas that seems to somehow magically reduce the velocity of their respective vehicles, and hit them hard, moments before a head-on became inevitable. We came to a screeching halt while the truck couldn’t make up for the inertia of its load (just engineering undergrad things) and ended up turning at the last minute only to have one edge crash with the front of the bus, and the other with the corner wall of the bridge. Both the windshields rained down on the tarmac with the front of the truck scarily caved in.

From the inside, I was sleeping comfortably, atleast as comfortable as one could sleep in a semi-reclining seat with limited legroom, and there was a sudden screech and a bang and another screech and then silence. None were thrown out of their seats as such but few did topple in slamming their shoulders on the way down. We slid forward, legs hitting the seats before us and it was all over. Honestly, it all felt too minor and I assumed it to be a stray animal hit or perhaps a sideways graze with a speeding motorcycle trying to cross us. There was no dramatic ‘whole life flashing in front of your eyes’ moment though, a shame ’cause I could really use a hard look at what my life has been. My first instinct at the first halt was to push back into the seat and also to hold back the girl next to me to prevent any head smashing in case the stop was too strong (and that’s why I held her arm! Not because I needed support to keep me stable. No matter what she says in the comment section or mentions in her blog JarOfFairyLights. I’m a caring, quick-witted friend and that’s how the world shall know me.) There have been no serious injury for any of the passengers with few complaining of a bruised knee. However I have no info to give on the plight of the driver and his substitute. I’m pretty pretty sure the ambulance was for the truck driver. Let’s hope it is nothing too major and all ends well.

There’s a rather intriguing theory in Physics regarding parallel universes where you sort of decide which universe you are going to perceive only after making a decision, or after an event has happened. An example of just-arrived food in a restaurant is used often to explain this idea, where the food inside the closed plate could be anything on the menu (or all at once too, Schrödinger’s cat anyone?) and is ‘decided’ what it is only after it’s opened. However every other possibility has also occured and is true, just not in the universe that you are perceiving. (I might be leagues off in terms of technical intricacies, do enlighten us in the comment section section if you know better. Seriously, when are you guys ever going to start commenting on my posts?) And then there’s chaos theory where an extremely minor change in initial conditions brought up drastic differences in weather forecast simulations months later. It really makes me wonder in how many universes did I just die, or get amputated, or rendered comatose or reach home without any of this happening. This little change in initial conditions could set our lives in drastically different courses. (I really hope he gets superpowers.) Tonight’s the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. There were predictions of meteors being visible at rates of about 200 per hour and I had been constantly checking the skies since midnight but it was all wonderfully cloud covered and I had to give up around 1am. I still wouldn’t have gone to sleep if my phone’s battery hadn’t died. Maybe if the clouds had parted a little, or my phone had been alive longer, or if these girls hadn’t delayed the bus in the beginning by around 3 minutes for a bathroom break, the outcomes of tonight could have been extremely different. This isn’t even the bus I set out to book in the first place, given its slightly higher fee, but network connectivity errors and customer care misunderstandings had rejected the previous 3 contenders and pushed us towards this bus. It doesn’t make much of a difference to us anyway, we would reach our homes a few hours late with a story to tell, but the plight of the drivers is quite saddening. Seriously, drive a little cautiously people!

It’s been 2 hours now and the replacement bus is finally here. Correction, replacement vans.Two tiny vans. Let’s just hope this post doesn’t get a sequel.

Fight me.