Captain's Log

Captain’s Log 01082016 – Change, Pain and them random blues. 

Change comes neither easy nor alone. If it were so the case, all the gyms in the world would be full and everyone would be rocking a guitar, considering the number of New years that have gone by since the tradition of making New year’s resolution began. Willing yourself into making any kind of substantial change simply because the world has aged another year isn’t an easy task, for “change for change’s sake” is an extremely unappealing concept.

We seek comfort in constants. We spend our lives seeking to find the perfect home and the perfect person to finally settle down, in one place, forever together. It is often a sense of permanence that lures people into falling for a person they feel no real connection with, or settling for a job that is nowhere near what their eight year old self dreamed of having. It takes great strength to say ‘No’ to a mediocre reality and pursue the distant, non-existent future in hopes of what might be. One might argue that you shouldn’t ignore what’s right in front of you in hopes of finding something better the next day, however if you are one of those people who thinks new is always better, then you wouldn’t relate to the rest of this post anyway. (Don’t just quit, go check out the other pieces!)

Our life, however eventless we might perceive it to be, is still littered with inspiration. You just need to let it show, be patient. Let life take it’s time. Less pressure on you, isn’t it? It’s one of the biggest fallacies of the current generation, nobody waits for ‘timing’ anymore. “Make your own destiny” does sound good, however sometimes the best things in your life aren’t what you make happen, rather those that happen to you. People don’t look for the calling and blindly rush into what they think they need to do merely because someone else is doing it too. You can’t forever meddle with existence to seek out inspiration, you need to step back and recognise the pattern in what life’s been throwing at you. You would soon notice that most coincidences are way too potent to be mere spikes of probability. Life will take you where you ought to be, when you ought to be.

More often than not, the biggest changes in us only reveal once we’ve been through a crucible. It’s anger and helplessness that provide the best and lasting motivation, not the birth of a new year or your girlfriend’s constant nagging. A great change requires greater effort, and a happy state of mind would never keep pushing you beyond the first week. So don’t fret when life hurts, feed on the pain and hit life back harder. The potential of anger is something that’s rarely explored, and even when done, is largely portrayed in a negative way. The world is no longer black and white, rather different variants of grey. If a single kinky, rich boy could have 50 shades, imagine the whole world. Some are too faded to notice, some too dark but grey nonetheless. There are no absolutes anymore, how could there be when the world smothers anyone who tries to be so?

God, if only this day would ever end.

Fight me.