Rant#5 – Pokèmon No!

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July 2016

My Facebook feed has looked more or less the exact same for the past 10 days and it is driving me crazy.

What used to be a grand assortment of cheesy TinyTales, embarrassing selfies of friends, superhero news, soulful poetry and most importantly, Cyanide & Happiness’ gloriously dark memes, is now either about 20 year olds trying to be 12 or one 65 year old that the people of this state are convinced hasn’t aged a day beyond 25. (Not going to discuss the latter because I fear for my life.)


Rant #4 – Cue epic star wars music…

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A very long time ago,

In a galaxy far, far away…

There’s absolutely nothing! I should know, I have been scouring the sky for years. Not a single peep out of the alien overlords. Does this mean that I’m not the chosen one? (collective gasp from the audience)

Okay, perhaps not nothing. Casting aside my disappointments with E.T, the night sky is indeed a marvelous spectacle. There’s no sight that can be so humbling, yet empowering at the same time. It rewards your good days and redeems the rough ones.


So this was something cool..

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Well I have read many feminist arguments and most of them have felt a bit hypocritical, always. But this one paragraph really shook me up. This is the actual issue. That underlying sense of superiority that’s been instilled in the minds of men from birth. This is going to continue even if the world heeds to all the superficial requests of these self proclaimed feminists that sprout out of every corner. Yes, unequal pay, discrimination based on looks, objectification are all horrible and so bad, but these are the effects, not the cause. This is not what we should be voicing out to eradicate. The root is different. “Don’t throw like a girl”, “You need to be strong, you are a man!”, “Quit crying like a girl” – it is these stereotypes that need to be lifted.

Rant#3 – No offense but…

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I joined Facebook way back in 2009, when I was about 12 with just one purpose in mind – to create the sickest, baddest looking farms of all time in FarmVille. The games used to be the most interesting aspect of Facebook ; the constant status updates of what I was doing or where I was having soup held no interest for me.

It still doesn’t, but my farmer/chef/castle defending days are behind me now. The new interest is the comment section.


Rant #2 – I, me, My Superheroes !

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Apparently, Captain America : Civil war is the highest grossing movie of 2016, yet. Well, good for them. This has been a good year for people like me who love other people in spandex and capes kick some serious ass. We began with Deadpool (holy mother of dragons, was that movie good! ) and then came BvS : Dawn of Justice, which albeit ignoring a few gaps in storytelling, was pretty darn impressive merely virtue of its scale , only to be followed by Captain America : Civil war, which saw audience sit in absolute silence through the climatic battle of a superhero movie, that’s a first ! X-Men : Apocalypse has been running for a week now and I’m yet to watch it but I read a whole lot of stuff about how it has polarised the fans and such, must have something different then.

And we’re barely halfway through the year with Suicide Squad and Dr.Strange still on the books. It’s official guys, Geek is the new sexy.Well, at least on screen.


Rant #1 – So fish are funny, right?

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..starts Marshall Eriksen, brilliantly portrayed by Jason Segel on the hit sitcom – How I Met Your Mother, as he climbs up on stage in a comedy club and proceeds to list out fish names that he finds to be funny (which actually is quite hilarious in context) only to be boo-ed down by his own wife. Another episode from another popular sitcom – The Big Bang Theory comes to mind, where Dr. Sheldon Cooper, in all his genius with a double PhD and everything, attempts to create the funniest joke in the universe using science and statistics only to repeatedly come up with quips that only crack him up.