GATE 101 – You shall not pass.

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~Tidbit one : G.A.T.E stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering that more than 800,000 Indian engineering graduates undertake yearly out of which barely fifteen percent make the cut. Brings back fond memories from four years ago when you frantically tried to clear the JEE, Joint Entrance Exam, and pathetically failed while your annoying cousin easily got through.~


Trains 101 – Are we there yet?

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You are not spontaneous. Unplanned trips unnerve you. Especially when you neither speak the language nor like the cuisine. But it’s the final semester of college and your life is nowhere near as together as you hoped it’d be and in a fit of misguided optimism and peer pressure you decide to take chances and try something new. Any hopes of cancelling the plan at the last minute goes out the window once the unnecessarily expensive tickets are booked and ofcourse it has to be the first train of the day.


Rant #7 – Doth thou even lift, brother ?

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The mind, much like the men it controls, always gives precedence to pain that bleeds out than that which seeps in. You could be starving yourself and staying curled in your bed for days at a stretch and you’re mostly likely to develop anxiety too on the side of freshly baked depression. The mind leaves you to your misery, much like that lone weeping girl on the stairs everyone cautiously walks around not to intrude her bubble. The instant you slide a knife under the skin or perhaps break an arm, beta endorphins are sent rushing to the rescue filling you with that blissful pleasant relief, much like all the people you see crowded around the smashed-in car desperately calling for the emergency services. That’s precisely why you have so many people  walking around pulling down the long sleeves of their jackets nervously trying to veil the horrors that lie beneath.


Smartphones, the new way of life

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Why does the title sound like a topic for an elocution competition put together hurriedly at the last moment for 8th graders, you ask? Because it is, but for college juniors.

I recently attempted to participate in one, and after one too many hiccups, the date got postponed and time limit shortened. So what was supposed to last a full five minutes, now needs to be squeezed into a 45sec to 1 minute window. I got eight days but not too sure if I want to anymore. Anyway, here’s the transcript…

Have smartphones become the new way of life? I do not have a definitive answer for that question currently, so let’s get on aboard the train of thought.


Captain’s Log 01082016 – Change, Pain and them random blues. 

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Change comes neither easy nor alone. If it were so the case, all the gyms in the world would be full and everyone would be rocking a guitar, considering the number of New years that have gone by since the tradition of making New year’s resolution began. Willing yourself into making any kind of substantial change simply because the world has aged another year isn’t an easy task, for “change for change’s sake” is an extremely unappealing concept.


Rant#5 – Pokèmon No!

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July 2016

My Facebook feed has looked more or less the exact same for the past 10 days and it is driving me crazy.

What used to be a grand assortment of cheesy TinyTales, embarrassing selfies of friends, superhero news, soulful poetry and most importantly, Cyanide & Happiness’ gloriously dark memes, is now either about 20 year olds trying to be 12 or one 65 year old that the people of this state are convinced hasn’t aged a day beyond 25. (Not going to discuss the latter because I fear for my life.)